About Us

Welcome to Wenzhou Junke Electric Co.,Ltd

JUNKE, established in 2008, who specialized in research and design, manufacturing, and distribution of Ansi Socket Meter ,Electric Meter ,Generator Type Automatic Transfer Switch,Power Capacitor Correction,Power Factor Regulator ,Power energy analysis.Airc Circuit Breaker 
 Which is widely used in Smart Grid Industry all covering distribution, Saving&Protecting& Metering Electicty, and Grid Power System and Generator Power Syestem. (Reactive Power and Generator power).
 We have one strong R&D and QC team continues to innovate new solutions, additions and extensions in the pursuit of not only meeting but exceeding market demand and to offer the best solutions for our customers.

JUNKE's mission is to improve All Client Transformer Power Supply Quality, Reduce Power Loss,  We provide reliable, accurate and customized Active power and Power Factor correction device  for our customers.
JUNKE values Enthusiastic by our work, we offer a quality personal and close service to our customers

JUNKE sincerely supply you with high quality products and high effect service, willing to start deep cooperation with you soon after!!